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It is well known that the UK has shortfall of suitable housing. 
It is estimated that approximately 3 million new homes are needed by 2030. These properties need to be built somewhere. 
So what are the options available?

The only options available are either using Brownfield sites - land previously built on or had some prior use or, Greenfield sites which have never been built on before. 

Highgrove Consulting has the privilege to act as the conduit between High Net Worth experienced investors and a highly specialised team of property experts based in the UK.

These experts are experienced in the careful selection of prime UK Brownfield sites, & acquire sites often before they become available on the open market.They undertake all necessary due diligence and liaise closely with leading Firms of Architects, who in turn are aware of what is required locally and have experience with the relevant planning procedures and planning authorities. Working together they acquire the necessary planning consent, this greatly increases the value of the property enabling the re-sale of the site at a significant premium over the purchase price.

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Only every once in a while  is there an opportunity to make a gain from something that makes perfect sense and the timing is just right.

The UK has a long history of orderly and well structured property & development transactions. Protected by a legal framework that is second to none. This provides confidence for foreign Investors as well as those already familiar with land and property transactions in the UK.

We believe that by Investing today in the regeneration of the UK’s inner city brownfield sites is such an opportunity because:

  • In July 2015 the UK Government passed a bill making planning consent for UK brownfield sites much easier to achieve.
  • The UK has a national shortage of residential housing. (Supply V Demand)
  • Redevelopment of the “Northern Powerhouse” is a political priority in an attempt to narrow the North-South divide. 
  • It’s a “first in and first out” investment, meaning you don’t have to wait for the development, sale of units or collection of rents to get a return on your investment.
  •  All sites are sourced and managed by a successful, proven & trusted team.
  • All investors hold direct ownership of the asset, not investing in a fund or derivative.
  • Historical and expected returns on capital of 20%+ per annum*.

* Past performance does not guarantee future results 

What are Brownfield Sites?

Brownfield sites are abandoned or underused industrial and commercial facilities available for re-use subject to planning.

These could include old, unwanted or derelict buildings such as hospitals, theatres, petrol stations, industrial parks etc and have value due to their inner city locations. 

An example of the UK’s largest Brownfield redevelopment would be Battersea Power Station in London.

Planning Permissions sought include:


(preferred due to shortage of supply against demand, also, easy for buyer to achieve loans against)


Offices or Retail

Mixed use

This could be both residential & commercial combined


Health care

Residential care homes etc

Student Accommodation